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Song of the Day: “Glory Years” by Basic White

We’ve been big fans of Basic White for a while now, and their latest video for “Glory Years” from their EP Long Time Comin’ is something to behold. Seemingly ripped from the silver screen imagination of Steven Soderbergh’s heist movies (the Ocean’s trilogy and last year’s Logan Lucky), the band concocts an elaborate plan to help pay the bills. Using their tour van as the getaway car and some clever misdirection, including an epic keyboard solo breakdown showing the plotting of the crime on what looks like a map made using crayons. This video is fun, innovative and lets the rocking music soundtrack the whole thing.

“This was the first video we really tried to make it more of a mini-movie than a music video. It was a lot of fun making and putting everything together, from the fake bank, to the fake police cars. Our friend Adam and my brother Casey had a huge hand in pulling this thing off and it just get’s us excited to see how much crazier we can get with the videos.” -Riley White from Basic White

Follow the band on Facebook, on Twitter @BasicWhiteBand and on Instagram. The band has a show on March 9th at Rum Runners in London, ON, click HERE for tickets.

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