World Premiere

Video Premiere : ‘Forever Boy’ by Soma Chhaya

From The Artist : “Forever Boy is my second single and I consider it an electronic love ballad. It was produced by my friend, Sam Arion (Mute Choir), who completely materialized my vision for this song. Many of my musical influences were sprinkled in this track like Nancy Sinatra, Sky Ferreira and Lana Del Rey. This track shows a different, softer side of myself than my last song. At a first listen it seems like it’s about falling in love, but something about the strings in the song make it sound a bit haunting and emotionally hollow which I love; I love juxtapositions.

This song has some of my favourite lyrical work too, it took me 4 months to perfect the lyrics. Each word was chosen so carefully along with the sentence structure. I needed to replicate the sexy, hypnotic, enchanting “in love” feeling. The lyrics are inspired by true events and hopefully it can let my listeners connect and get to know me more.”

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