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Majid Jordan at Orpheum Theatre

Photo by Joshua Chia

On the eve of Valentine’s Day, the dynamic duo of Majid Jordan brought The Space Between World Tour to Vancouver’s Orpheum Theatre. Prior to the headliners entrance to the stage, STWO warmed up the crowd with a DJ set of R&B bangers that belted through the speakers and got the audience in a sing-along to songs like Drake’s “God’s Plan” and 6LACK’s “PRBLMS,” along with some of his own songs including “Neither Do I,” and “Fill the Void.”

The audience kept their energy up all night even when the only people on the stage were the roadies preparing for Majid Jordan’s set, a few audience members could be seen dancing to the tracks playing in the background.

Jordan, the DJ half of Majid Jordan, made his way onto the stage to get the audience out of their seats, but it wasn’t until the other half, Majid, made his way onto the stage that the crowd really began to get into the show. Majid Jordan’s style of pop/r&b seemed almost too lowkey to get the crowd going towards the beginning of the show, which prompted Majid to encourage the crowd to venture from their assigned seats in the lower orchestra to the front of the stage.

From that point on, the showed seemed to stay at a steady pace throughout, not one song seemed to get the crowd more into it than another, only glimpses of that were seen during the more popular songs like “One I Want,” “Gave Your Love Away,” and “Body Talk.” During the less popular songs, attempts were made repeatedly to get the crowd involved in a sing-a-long, but these attempts were typically made in ill-judgement as it never seemed to run quite as smoothly as they had hoped.

The production of the show was quite simple as the only effect of stage was a simple light structure that resembled “The Space Between” logo that covers their album and merchandise. The light structure proved to be more versatile than it looked as it set the mood for each segment of the show; for a more calm part of the show, the lights would crawl slowly from one side to the other, or on the contrary, big flashes or a representation of stars falling would re-excite the audience. It seemed interesting to me that the loudest point of the entire night was when Majid just simply threw a flag over his shoulder that he obtained from the crowd.

He bid a farewell speech over a spacey inspirational instrumental as people stumbled out of the venue, but one drunken gutsy fan opted to go the other way and hopped on stage with Majid Jordan to which he was unfazed. After the speech given by Majid, Vancouverites were forced out of the venue and trudge through the snow that littered Granville Street that began their journey home.

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