LiL MIX Volume 76: International Women’s Day 2018

For Women’s Day, I wanted to put together a mix that reflects many things; the joy and pain of identifying as a women, the spectrum of womanhood, and old and new, emerging artists. I also wanted to provide variety in the female voice and expression, and the ways in which varied female creators convey emotion in song. Happy women’s day to everyone who identifies as female and all the glorious NB folks out there, this world is yours too.

1. Nameless, Faceless – Courtney Barnett
2. She’s A Bitch – Missy Elliot
3. Alaska – Maggie Rogers
4. Fast Car – Tracey Chapman
5. Drone Bomb Me – Anhoni
6. Drew Barrymore – SZA
7. Anything We Want – Fiona Apple
8. Valerie – Amy Winehouse
9. Feeling Myself – Nicki Minaj ft. Beyonce
10. Paper Planes – MIA
11. Sprawl II (Mountains Beyond Mountains) – Arcade Fire
12. Green Light – Lorde

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Associate Film Editor, Music writer, & Illustrator at Live in Limbo. Cemetery worker, student, overzealous media consumer. Will sell my soul for a bowl of guacamole.