World Premiere

Song Premieres: “Side A: Body Bandit & Side Be: A Man (I Taught Him)” by Solhounds

Winnipeg hard rockers Solhounds are releasing two new songs and they are sharing them exclusively with LiL. With their sludgy guitars and pummelling back beat the band has produced two heavy songs with a serious message. To celebrate the band is going on tour with SATE to play a bunch of cities across Canada. Check them out in Toronto March 29th at the Horseshoe Tavern.

“The tracks from our debut release put ferocity in femininity. We’re not writing songs about broken hearts or loneliness, we’re writing songs about unapologetic power. Sometimes people just need an outlet to feel bad-ass in hard times – no more piano ballads with strings in the background – our music is about massive grooves, sludgy tones, and tenacious grit.” – Elise Roller
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