ROKA SL-1 Sunglass Review

As an avid runner, I’m always looking for that perfect eyepiece to cut the glare and provide me focus and clarity. Enter the ROKA APEX SL-1. Described as “Designed and optimized for athletes seeking an unobstructed field of view and maximum ventilation.”, I knew I had to give them a try. 

For those who may not know, ROKA is relatively new to the scene launching in 2013. They are birthed out of Austin, Texas. And are on a mission to unlock human potential. 

The ROKA SL-1 is actually one of the lightest pair of sunglasses I’ve ever used, but also very durable and super high quality. It only weighs a mere 22 grams! Inside, these ultra lightweight frames, is titanium core wires that provides the solid stability needed in endurance activities. 

As someone with a low-bridge nose, I’m constantly concerned about the fit of my eyepieces. I was very impressed with ROKA’s patented GEKO technology in their nose pads. It fits comfortable, and snug on my face while running fast. 

There are a variety of optics and colours to choose from based on different sporting needs. I opted for the HC Octane Mirror. Which has a slick rustic gold vibe. This one is optimized for being out on the road. Whether a half-marathon or on long road bike journey, this lens provides a substantial contrast with the environment and surroundings. 

Leading up to my first race of the season, the Southlake 5K, I gave the SL-1 a run for the money. The weather condition in Toronto is absolutely bizarre. Within the few days prior, I was training at 24 degrees Celsius, but come race day, it was -4 degrees. That’s Canada for you. Nonetheless, the SL-1 absolutely proved to be reliable and endure any weather conditions thrown at it. 

Even if this specific model doesn’t float your boat, ROKA has a very diverse lineup in a variety of sizes, and colours for eyewear that will find your fancy. As well as the ability to actually customize your own!

Overall, I highly recommend the ROKA SL-1 for the upcoming Summer race season.

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