Originally hailing from Montreal, Callahan, who goes only by his first name, is a rising folk artist who now resides in London. Opening for artists like Kevin Devine show that he is someone to keep an eye on. Using lo-fi technology to give a timeless look to his newest video, Callahan makes a beautiful song even better.

“I brought my dad’s old camcorder on a trip I went on with some friends last year in Spain. I was just hoping to capture some memories and document our experiences and eventually use some of the footage for a music video. The whole trip was pretty magical, and I think it totally fit as a backdrop for the song.

There was one moment where I got to sing ‘Milk and Honey’ on the top of a dormant volcano in Tene Rife. By the end of the song a small crowd formed which was so flattering, considering how beautiful the view was and everything that surrounded me. It was all quite surreal.

I guess it’s quite obvious that it’s a love song for a particular person, but this video kind of makes it look like a love song for my friends — which is also nice.” – Callahan

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