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64: A Revisit of 12 Angry Men

Dakota Arsenault and Sammy Feilchenfeld decide to revisit Sydney Lumet’s landmark debut film, 1957’s 12 Angry Men starring Henry Fonda. 

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The idea for this episode stems from Dakota and Sammy who requested a list of their favourite movies for a friend. Dakota mentioned 12 Angry Men as one of his favourite films and called it a drama/thriller, which Sammy had initially rebuked. 

Upon a rewatch, the guys realized just how prescient the subject matter is, especially in the current political climate where xenophobia and racism, especially in privileged white male culture pervades thinking. 

For a “bottle episode” film that takes place entirely in one location the film is remarkable in building tension and fleshing out an ensemble of characters who all get their time to shine.

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