From the Artist: “I have a lot of feelings tied in with this song. It was the first time I’ve composed a song as a catalyst for a very potent love connection ending abruptly, and the deep sense of loss and sadness, and then the journey through to the light. Close your eyes and think about a significant love from your past, present, or future, and send them some golden arrows of love, regardless of how you feel about them. While listening to this song, and then dance as though no one is watching, and see what emerges.”

INK is a story of lovers. The thousands of years between souls meeting, finding each other and parting ways. It’s dark and deep, with tinges of heart-wrenching beauty. INK is about the power of a woman knowing her path and walking it, sometimes together with a soulmate, and sometimes apart, with the overall theme of love conquering all.

HÄANA produced INK inspired by Banks – Waiting Game, incorporating vocals, violin, cello, piano, and a broken beat. The strings support the vocal-driven alt-pop feel with beautiful harmonies, with a plaintive simple piano line as a through-thread.