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SONG PREMIERE: “Stars” by CJ Teffner

From the artist: “I wrote this shell of this song almost five years ago and there it sat until about six months ago. The lyrics were so personal and cryptic it just wasn’t relatable. After a lot of rewrit,es it emerged with it’s original “soul” but in a more relatable way. Stars is about abandonment and loneliness, but also about overcoming and believing in yourself.”

Fusing modern and classic rock, CJ Teffner premieres his debut single “Stars”. His upcoming EP’s title track features vocalist Robyn Cage and encapsulates the process of personal growth. 

Highlighting Teffner’s songwriting abilities, the track is extremely dynamic – alluding to arena sized ballads, while showcasing personal themes of hope.

“The song ‘Stars’ doesn’t have the word ‘stars’ in the chorus, it’s in a line in the last verse ‘like stars up above, there was never a doubt,’” says Teffner. “It sums up my feelings about these songs and their intentions.”

The track not only offers a relatable theme behind the lyrics, but the instrumentals also combine aspects of alternative, rock, and pop influences to reach fans of many genres. Teffner channeled his passion into his upcoming EP and began the writing process almost five years ago. 

“Stars is the most vulnerable, personal group of songs I’ve written,” explains Teffner. “I labored over them, stressed about them, I questioned myself if I could even dare to share these songs. They are songs of hope, regret, finding inner strength and forgiveness. Finishing and releasing Stars is cathartic for me.”

The Phoenix native has honed his musical abilities ever since he was 10 years old, and has since mastered playing drums, guitar, bass, piano, cello, and the mandolin. His wide musical expertise adds an additional dynamic to his music, while seamlessly producing emotionally-charged songs.

As an accredited writer, performer, and producer, Teffner has worked with a variety of artists and shared studio sessions with producers Murray Krugman (Blue Oyster Cult) James Ball (Aerosmith, Joan Jett) David Henry (REM), and notable players as Steve Bowman (Counting Crows) Marko Lira (Trouble), Ricky Porter (Godsmack).

Teffner’s EP, Stars, is officially released on July 13, 2018. Listen to more of his music on Spotify and Apple Music, and check out his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Stars Tracklist:

  1. Crazy Train
  2. Meant to Fit
  3. Stars
  4. Please Forgive Me

(Written by: Alyssa Josephs)

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