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Robert Plant wth Sheryl Crow at Budweiser Stage

In the midst of the summer concert line up at Budweiser Stage in Toronto, was none other than the mega music star Robert Plant and his band The Sensational Space Shifters. Opening for them was Sheryl Crow, a headliner in her own right.

As Sheryl Crow hit the stage, the crowd started to build in the outdoor amphitheater. She performed a 9 song set, consisting of all her hits, such as All I Wanna Do, If It Makes You Happy and Soak Up the Sun. This multi faceted musical talent, easily engage with the audience, enticing us to sing along while she danced around. Her vocals live are very strong and studio quality, a hallmark of true talent. This fit and fabulous songstress was perfect for the bill. A must see!
By the time Robert Plant hit the stage, the venue was packed. Many fans dawning Led Zeppelin t-shirts, eager to spend the evening with a superstar from their youth. 
One thing that I noticed about the show was although it was Robert Plant, the focus wasn’t mainly on him throughout the show, the spot lights shone bright on the other members of The Sensational Space Shifters and most of the songs where originals or covers not pertaining to Led Zeppelin. During the entire set, only a hand full of songs where Led Zeppelin songs, Gallows Pole, The Lemon Song, Going to California and Rock and Roll. These happen to have been the crowd favorites, as you could hear the decibels rise with singing of the audience. 
Plant might be getting up there in age, but the fact of the matter is his vocals are still incredibly strong. His intonation barely wavered. I was incredibly pleased and excited to have witnessed him in his glory. 
I really enjoyed the songs played even though I wasn’t familiar with them. I have a bit of a hard time describing their sound, partially country, with some eclectic tones and funky drum beats. Some of it had some resemblance to the massive Led Zeppelin archives, others completely on the other end of the spectrum.
Sheryl Crow joined Robert Plant for the encore song Rock and Roll, The crowd ate it up, cheering very loudly and singing along. Smiles from ear to ear could be seen on stage as the band and singers enjoyed the moment in time. 
I am thrilled to have been able to finally see the master and his craft. A show not to be missed!
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