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Video Premiere : “Come Alive” by Stephanie Ratcliff

From The Artist : “’Come Alive’ is my very first “official” music video and making it was super fun and a great learning process, mostly because I worked with someone who is a talented visual storyteller (Dan Loewen) – something I am not! We decided to tell a very simple kind of love story. ‘Come Alive’ actually isn’t just about romantic love but I thought that would be a relatable connecting point for most people. It simply tells the story of two children who end up spending their whole lives committed to each other, loving each other, giving themselves to each other. It ends with them as an older couple sitting on a bench, still loving each other after all the years and seasons of life. This kind of love is just such a beautiful, incredibly sacrificial, transforming way to live! We kept the video very simple in terms of storyline, but hopefully conveyed the deeper truth and reality that love – whatever shape it takes – really can last a lifetime. The kids we worked with were fantastic – naturals all the way, and very cute!”

Vancouver-based indie folk-pop artist Stephanie Ratcliff has released the video for her new single ‘Come Alive’ from her soon to be released EP “Land In Unknown Places” which is out on July 27th.

“Land In Unknown Places” is the first EP and third release from Stephanie. Her second album “Things Above Ground” was released last year and her debut album “Memories of the World” came out in 2015. But long before the release of her albums, Stephanie’s musical storytelling journey began at age 16 when she picked up her cousin’s acoustic guitar. Within moments of strumming her first three chords, she was hooked! She then went out and bought her own guitar – a $50 classical guitar from a local pawn shop – and began singing her songs to her bedroom walls and her younger sister. Here she learned to freely express her questions, fears, and joys through her music.

Stephanie’s music connects to the breathtaking beauty found in the gradual growth and rebirth of the natural world, as well as the same unsuspecting beauty and rhythms found in the human experience. Her music is conceptualized by Stephanie herself as defiant art: “Where there is so much fear, uncertainty, suspicion of ‘other’ and outright violence, I want to help counter that with music filled with beauty and love.” In light of this, her songs create a sensory oasis in the desert while still acknowledging the quiet ache of longing and living in the tension of what is not-yet.

With ethereal, cinematic sounds, Stephanie continues to write songs that embody a level of depth and mature poeticism so often missing in today’s mainstream, and delivers them with a voice that bares human vulnerability, emotional transparency and hope. This is art speaking to the darkness with beauty and light.

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