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King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard at the Danforth Music Hall

Australian psych-rock outfit King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard had a very busy and prolific 2017, releasing 5 albums over the year’s 12 months. They finally got around to touring the platters in 2018 bringing them to a sold out Danforth Music Hall last night.

While the calendar read it was Tuesday, a very eager and enthusiastic crowd made for the feel of a Friday night as they were treated to 90 minutes of their three guitars/two drummer and a visually bonkers onslaught.

I caught the band for the first time the last time they played here at the same venue. The show started slow but gradually turned into exactly what I wanted it to be. By contrast, the band hit the stage at 9 and went flat out full throttle and aside from a couple of respites, never really let off the gas.

Opening with a trio of tracks from 2015’s Nonagon Infinity, “Robot Stop”, “Big Fig Wasp” and “Gamma Knife” got the night off on the right, blistering note. Visuals on a screen were even more bonkers this time but the absolute perfect accompaniment to the sounds coming from the stage.

The crowd was uncharacteristically rowdy, almost hungry for the night. Hair flew, people danced, some formed a pit and some even crowd surfed. The crowd’s enthusiasm obviously rubbed off on the band who were equally enthusiastic and appreciative

Aside from the Nonagon Infinity opening run and “Cellophane” off of I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, the set obviously focused on the wealth of material released last year, only excluding the album Sketches of Brunswick East. The entire set was the highlight, particularly “Alter Me” and “Altered Beast”.

The 90 minutes went by in what seemed like 15 minutes. With the wealth of material released last year even, they could have easily delivered a three-hour set, but my eyes and ears were happy with the 90 minute glorious bashing they received, as I’m sure many others were.

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