The components of a tech-driven home

When it comes to home technology, the future is already here! Products and domestic gadgets that were once regarded as science fiction have already entered the market, and as the awareness of the possibilities of home technology grows among consumers, we are starting to see a rise in demand for convenient, space-age features.

Integrated sound systems

A hard-wired sound system is fast becoming commonplace, from home theatres to well-camouflaged speakers in the garden. It is possible to obtain a relatively sophisticated effect through portable or Bluetooth speakers, but this is far inferior to what can be achieved with a multi-zone surround-sound system complete with remote control. 

This domestic sound technology can be integrated with flat screens, home servers, projectors or even record players, making it possible to enjoy movie-theatre-quality sound in the home-viewing room and music that follows you from room to room.  

Mechanized window coverings

Natural light is an important feature of any home, no matter how hi-tech, and by adding plantation shutters or other similar window accessories, you can better control how much daylight reaches the interior and adjust the lighting environment as you wish. 

There is also technology available that can make window-covering operation even easier. The most recent innovations in this field include remote control with presets that can establish different levels of light dampening according to day, mood or season.

Wireless lighting controls

When it comes to adjustable man-made lighting, there is a wide variety of lighting technology to enhance your enjoyment of your home environment, from custom lighting configurations and variable luminescence, to various eco-friendly settings and remote management. It is possible to achieve stage-quality lighting, but most people who upgrade in this area opt for an integrated and convenient system that can be controlled remotely. 

You can also set up both wired and freestanding lighting within a comprehensive system that can be operated through wall panels or wirelessly through mobile devices. 

Smart thermostat

The smart thermostat is a great innovation to help make savings on heating and to contribute to preserving the environment. Heating systems with smart thermostats make it possible to customize the domestic temperature according to preference by day, season or date, and can be operated using mobile devices or via a wall unit.  

Mobile security

There is an exciting range of new security technology available that includes Wi-Fi-enabled units that can send live video to your mobile device and handle entry codes. This enables you to have full control of access to your home even when you aren’t there. 

Thanks to the remarkable innovations of tech companies and entrepreneurs, the smart homes of the future are already being introduced. Everything from heating and lighting to sound and security is increasingly integrated and easily controllable through a mobile device. Combined with the innovations in smart kitchen appliances such as fridges and ovens, our homes are becoming sophisticated technology hubs providing us with more comfort and convenience.