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Video Premiere: “10,000 Feet” by Ace of Wands

Quote from the Artist‘10,000 Feet’ tries to transport the listener in a frozen world, finding beauty in  winters harshest elements. Against the stark background of winter’s white and the quiet of the sky, is the realization of a love falling apart. “10,000 Feet” introduces a character called the Lioness, and we watch as she completes her transformation from woman into animal. The Lioness will return in the trilogy’s final video, set for release this coming fall. Each of the videos will see our band travel through different landscapes and seasons, chronicling their journeys of self-discovery, self-hatred and self-love.

Info: Filmed and directed by Samuel Scott, “10,000 Feet” is the second instalment in a trilogy of videos that carry themes of physical and spiritual transformation. This video introduces audiences to Anna Mernieks, the band’s new lead guitarist. Continuing the visual elements of Canadian landscapes, fire and fabric, “10,000 Feet” sees a change in the season from summer (as previously seen in the “Grown from Good” visuals) into winter. They hiked across a frozen lake, carrying 100-pound bags of equipment, to film the video. All costume components were built by hand (including the masks, capes, prop books and fabric entity.)

The video is a gorgeous wonder, expertly crafted to showcase mythical indie-rock songwriting. Both uplifting and haunting, the track catapults along, driven by the shimmering appreciated guitar lines and locked in drums. Interwoven vocals both bring intimacy and disorient the listener. It’s an almost other worldly direction, even though vocals are bone dry and never obscured by production tricks. It’s the unique combination of english folk, dream pop, old school rock and roll, and thunderous post rock that sets it apart from its familiar makeup. You swear you’ve heard the melody before, but you’re not sure where. The individualistic character that each musician brings is the secret ingredient. And that brings us back to the wonder or maybe even a awe-inducing commotion. There’s something mystical in the uncharted, the isolation that it presents. Both the video and song have a way of combining textures to create a solitude that’s both inviting and captivating. “10,000 Feet” welcomes you into the thrilling familiar unknown.

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