World Premiere

“Phuk Wit You” by iamhill

The ‘Phuk Wit You’ video was filmed on The River Kwai in Thailand by Travis Nesbitt (Dethlab). It was produced by Jay Sparrow, who dreamt up the insane treatment, and executed all parts of it (including booking the travel to and from the river Kwai, which was a true trip from America). It was styled by iamhill (from the kicks to the orange hair and sclera contacts). The song follows up iamhill’s latest up album Give it a Rest, and showcases the artist at her very best.

The song and video is packed with an off-kilter swagger and true imagination. The production pops and sparkles, bringing iamhill’s strong message to the forefront with convincing power. But the element that sets it apart from her contemporaries is that the performance never loses the sense of spontaneity. You’re truly transported to this place and moment. Gorgeously shot, and filled with countless gif-able images, you’re going to want to play ‘Phuk Wit You’ over and over again.

2018 found hill climbing viral Spotify playlists (such as Young & Free and Viral 50, not to mention being featured on Spotify New Music Friday playlist three weeks in a row) and traveling around the globe to write songs with new producers and artists. If ‘Phuk Wit You’ is any indication, her success has only just begun.

Quote: Travis almost died from a mysterious illness during the making of this video. He prevailed, surviving the early morning shoot and drone operation to create an end result that was definitely worth his close encounter with the next life. Our drivers spoke very little English and we – the ignorant tourists – spoke essentially no Thai, so communicating required a significant amount of sign language, pointing, and general confusion. The cows were a pleasant surprise.

“Phuk Wit You” is about the glorification of stupidity. Read a book.

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