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Video Premiere : “Shifting Tides” by Gentle Mind

From The Artist : “Shooting this video was my first dabble in acting, and I found the whole experience quite cathartic. Anger is a central emotion in this song, whether it’s frustration towards another or towards oneself. I thought of the light scenes as a means of denying or avoiding issues that are difficult to handle, and the dark scenes as a place where I was facing my demons and letting the anger out. The bathtub is really where it all takes place, or rather, the exit of the bathtub. It means giving in, feeling every emotion that runs through my body no matter how unpleasant, and coming out of it more self-knowing and more confident.

Shifting Tides is about physical and emotional distance. I was away on vacation when I wrote it. I was just spewing nonsense and it started to sound like this story about an abusive, codependent couple that has to spend a lot of time apart because of work. So, I started imagining a woman having to stay home while her partner leaves to some remote place to mine something out of the ground or go to war, and the feeling of utter abandonment she must feel. I tend to empathize a lot and feel everything quite deeply, so it was easy to put myself in her shoes. Our idea with the video was to illustrate the tension between the light and the darkness that exists in any dysfunctional relationship. On the one hand, they can’t live without each other and being physically separated feels like torture. On the other hand, when they’re together, they can’t communicate, as if their emotions couldn’t line up. There’s a disconnect, and it turns sour. That’s definitely something I’ve experienced and struggled with, and I think we all do on certain levels with certain people in our lives.”

Gentle Mind is an alternative rock/R&B band based in Vancouver, BC. You can catch them next at Rifflandia Festival in Victoria, BC on September 13th.

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