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Finger Eleven with I Mother Earth, and Dwayne Gretzy at Toronto Festival of Beer 2018

Photos by Katrina Lat.

Finger Eleven performed with I Mother Earth, and Dwayne Gretzy at Toronto Festival of Beer 2018.

Beer is Good, Beer is Great,

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Beerfest was good, Beerfest was great. Live in Limbo was lucky enough to be in attendance at this year’s Toronto Beer Fest.  We experienced several beers, and many other exciting tastes , I should mention the brilliant oyster bar! And So we have created a list of the top 13 beers in order of favorite to least favorite that we experienced.  Keeping in mind beer is incredibly subjective Lets jump right in!

1) Prince Eddies: cream ale: smooth, creamy: As if drinking cream and drinking beer were mated in a salubrious fashion.

2) Gananoque brewing Co.: pilsner- Rock solid.  A very comfortable feeling beer, a big flavor without being overly bitter or obnoxious, a beer that felt good to drink.

3) Northern maverick – ipa : Incredible flavour profile.  Immidiatly apparent that it’s an IPA however, an IPA that is both pleasant and soft, the hoppy slight bitterness was a pleasant backround to a smooth initial taste providing a pleasing contrast.

4) Prince eddies-Citra ipa: Very citrusy, with a nice underlying bitterness, not too in your face, a good summer beer.

5) Erdinger weisebraü Dunkel: If a stout wasn’t a full meal, you’d have a dunkel.  All the lovely darkness from a stout, however being delivered in the form of a much lighter beer (taste wise and consistency wise).

6) Nickelbrook Wicked Awesome IPA: fruity, pleasant initial taste.  The freshness of the flavour speaks for it more than anything else.  Another great summer beer.

7) Beaus: Tom Green Summer Stout: The strangest sensation of drinking a creamy big stout, and seeing something that looked like a cream ale.  Delightful, if surprising

8) St.ambrose, McCauslan Brewing, Apricot Wheat Ale: A very fruity up front taste that’s easy on the tongue

9) Rain stormer breweries: Watermelon

10) Brewdog: Elvis juice: tastes like juice 

11) Lost craft – mango thing- mediocre

Society of beer drinking ladies

12)-people’s pint : pineapple sour

13) -little beasts pele sour 

I should mention Jameson Whiskey was also present with two sets of samples, one a whiskey soaked in an IPA barrel which was pleasant, if a bit fiery and the second (and much preferred by yours truly) was a stout barrel aged whiskey with a big body flavour profile that was both smooth complex, with an underlying woodiness almost a earthy chocolate flavor.

And there you have it, all the alcohols, first to last, well favorite to least favorite plus whiskey from the Toronto Beerfest.