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“Howl” by Bre McDaniel

‘Howl’ is the first single and title track from Vancouver musician Bre McDaniel’s debut full-length album which is set for release on October 26th. The song was inspired in part by Irish, Scottish and Icelandic mythology and is a call to recovery by the tonic of wildness. The video was shot in Tofino on Vancouver Island and was Bre’s first time working with a videographer, an experience that she found to be very creatively rewarding.
“Working with videographer Casey Kowalchuk was so great and it was very collaborative between us,” says Bre. “There is some inspiration from the mythological Selkies in the lyrics that appears loosely in the video. There are stories of Selkies (which are kind of seal women) on many northern coasts, and the story is that when their coats are stolen by men who want to marry them, their voices and their bodies start to dry out and they need to go back to the sea, but can only do so when they have their sealskin back. I wanted the video to highlight our forest coast and make people want to go camping or remember woodsy experiences. I wanted to represent the song as a sort of lighthearted homing call to return to the deeper wild we crave when we’ve spent too long in the busy topside world. The video loosely carries that idea with the white sheet, as a symbol of the unseen voice that calls us back. Also, I love Tofino like anyone who’s ever seen an instagram picture of it, and just wanted to go camping there with female friends I really respect.” 
Bre McDaniel will celebrate the release of her new album Howl on November 7th with an Album Release Show at The Railway  in Vancouver. Look for Howl on Spotify, Apple Music/iTunes, and other digital retailers and streaming services on Friday, October 26th. 
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