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Video Premiere : “What Do You Want” by Kojo Easy Damptey

From The Artist : “It is a rallying cry from marginalized communities that have lost so much from colonization. It’s a song celebrating and remembering anti-colonial leaders from Africa particularly Patrice Lumumba who was born on July 2nd, 1925. His assassination was planned by the Belgium,USA, and Canadian government. The song features Toronto Hip-Hop group Canadian Winter and Soul Singer Nasr Beny.”

Born and raised in Ghana, Kojo is an award-winning musician whose music spans genres from hip-hop, high-life, soul and funk – the perfect Afro-Soul combo. His tunes are filled with poignant lyrics meant to address societal issues in an attempt to enact change in the world. His debut album “Daylight Robbery” was released in October 2013 and featured the likes of Canadian Winter, Sara London, Lee Reed and Mother Tareka. The record won Pop recording of the year at the 2015-Hamilton Music Awards. His new album is a decolonizing creative process aimed at using music to capture the myriad experiences of people of color. The album builds on the tradition of resistance and resilience that people of color around the world have shown in the fight to combat the ill effects of colonization. It will be released in the fall to celebrate the life of Amilcar Cabral one of Africa’s anti-colonial leaders. The album will feature fellow Ghanaian musicians Mutombo da Poet and WanLov the Kubolor. Other featured musicians on the album include Hip-Hop group Canadian Winter and Syrian born rapper Mother Tareka.

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