Taste and Test: Paleo Pro Protein Supplements

As a CrossFit and endurance athlete, topics of nutrition and supplement is very important. I myself have degrees in the health sciences and recently completed my Precision Nutrition Level 1 certification. So, when trying to find the right protein for you, looking through the vast amounts of information online can be misleading and confusing. 

There are so many brands of supplement companies, and sources of protein to choose from. From whey, casein, egg, pea, hemp, brown rice, there is a plethora to try out. However, many CrossFit athletes follow the Paleo Diet. Essentially, if a caveman didn’t eat it, then you shouldn’t either is the mantra. The issue here is that while vegan protein sources are good, they often have lower protein bioavailability than whey. Whey however, is from a diary source, and this isn’t paleo. 

Enter PaleoPro’s solution to the paleo athletes dilemma. They offer grass-fed and pasture raised beef protein powder

I got my hands on a few of their products. “Ancient Cacao” and “Aztec Vanilla” protein powders, Grass-fed Bone Broth Collagen, Paleo Green powder, and Paleo Recovery powder. 

Each serving of the Cacao and Vanilla powders contains 26grams of protein. It has no dairy, no soy, no added hormones, minimally processed, gluten free, and tastes pretty good. I used these in my normal post-workout routine or in my breakfast smoothie. 

After a hard workout, the Recovery powder is a must. It’s unique in that it contains sweet potatoes and egg whites and is packed with Vitamin A, C, B-complex. This is the perfect glycogen replenishment source. 

As busy athletic individuals who are bouncing from the gym to work to home, it’s sometimes hard to keep on top of our veggie intake. The Paleo greens powder is a great way on these days to get our greens in. It contains hemp seeds, alfalfa, kale, and spriulina. 

My personal favourite item is the Bone Broth. There’s been a recent uptrend in the fitness industry about the wonderful benefits of this. It supports good gut health, protects joints, maintains skin health, increases the immune system, and promotes metabolism just to name a few. I’m actually in the middle of marathon training and am dealing with an ankle tendon injury. I am using PaleoPro’s bone broth and collagen mix to speed up my recovery process. Each service has 16 grams of protein from grass-fed beef and turmeric root, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. I put one scoop of the bone broth powder in my Vitamix blender with a banana and a cup of blueberries. It’s absolutely delicious. 

Overall, I am really impressed with the high quality and effectiveness of PaleoPro’s entire line of products. If you’re a person following the paleo diet or someone who cant tolerate dairy, these are the protein powders for you. 

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