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Video Premiere : “Could It Be” by Kane Miller

From The Artist : “Could It Be” was a song that I wrote a little over a year ago and then shelved. I had figured out the verses, but they were really dark and I was stumped on where to go with the chorus.

Eventually, I picked “Could It Be” up again and pretty much redid it from scratch. The only part remaining was the line “could it be,” which was a lyric that came up in other songs I was working on – obviously I had to stick with that while writing the song.
In the end, “Could It Be” is a song about having to reluctantly move on from someone. Suddenly, when it’s time to move forward, you only remember the good things and hope that they will, too.

Kane Miller is a singer-songwriter based in Lakefield, Ontario. With an extensive classically trained background beginning at the age of 7, Kane is masterfully able to create intimate songs with real meaning. Since the release of his debut album in 2011 and a follow-up EP in 2012, Kane has teamed up with LV Music, working with award winning producer Femke Weidema.

Together, they bring along new writing methods, techniques and sounds, showcasing his dedication and passion for music as it shines through on each song. Drawing on influences like Damien Rice, Nick Mulvey and Josh Ritter, Kane blends his instruments and voice to create thought-provoking melodies that are sure to leave a lasting impression on the listener.

New single ‘Could It Be’ exemplifies delicate restraint. At first, the intimacy is almost jarring, like you’re peering into a window you shouldn’t. Subtle reverberating guitars and distorted/pitched/delayed backing vocals bring a three-dimensional quality to the production. The song concludes with pulsating percussion rising to the forefront, while the swirling accompaniment raises the song to glorious heights, before everything disappears, bringing the focus back to his acoustic guitar & emotive voice.

‘Could It Be’ is a wonderful introduction to Kane’s songwriting brilliance and has us anxiously waiting for more music. Sooner the better.

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