From The Artist : “Haunted” was shot this summer in the Rhone Valley, France at various haunted chateaux locations. I wrote “Haunted” while I was sleeping. In fact, I was dreaming that I was on stage engulfed in mysterious blue light, about to sing. I woke up and the chorus for “Haunted” was in my head.

Jenny Bruce aka GHOSTE comes with a long résumé of songwriting awards and music placements in national TV shows over the past couple decades.  She’s a music veteran who recently rebranded herself as “GHOSTE” (silent “e”), which was a name that came to her in a dream. The name signifies not evil or something to be feared but rather a vehicle for her to express herself freely without being attached to her real name. “Haunted” is the first single from the upcoming GHOSTE album – consisting of songs about “longing, hope, melancholy and magiccoming in early 2019! 
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