The run down on the Currex Pro Sole

Fresh off my attempt at the full marathon distance, I was left sore everything waist down. Long story short, I despite not running for a month trying to rehab my left foots extensor tendonitis as much as possible, I ran a good half-marathon and hit the wall at 30KM. On the bright side, I finished and now have joined the small group of crazy people known as a Marathoner. 

Now in my off-season and trying to recover as much as possible, I was fortunate to get my hands on the Currex Pro Sole. It’s a high quality shoe insole made for runners, hikers, and walkers. As a flat-footer, and someone who has a custom laser measured orthotic, I was skeptical. How can anything be a better fit? I was surprised when I slipped them on. The neat thing with Currex is that they will ask for your shoe size, and then what profile your foot is ex. high, medium, and low. I’m my case, I’m a size 10 and low. 

While my prescribed orthotic fit well, the energy return and comfy-ness was terrible. So when I put my feet into my shoes with the Currex RunPro insole, I felt as good a fit, but also an amazing bounce, cushion, and power transfer to the ground while running. 

Which ever Currex you get, you will notice how aesthetically pleasing and minimal they look. The low profile insole I got features a deep heel cup, 3 layers of moisture wicking, and 3D DAT dynamic arch technology made from silver Nylon 6 composite for natural foot guidance. 

Overall, in my time of foot recovery, the Currex RunPro is a godsend and highly recommend for any runner, hiker, or walker. 

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