From The Artist : “Lyrically, Cost Of Living is written about a relationship that left me feeling traumatized, and my need for escape from that trauma after the dust had settled. As much as the song magnifies the pain and disease within that time of my life (healing is seldom blissful), there are phrases in the song that draw recognition to the fact that there was nothing I could have done in my position to get this person to be accountable for the harm they were causing (the shadows in your eyes will never fade away, they’re veiled by the disguise of all the things you say). ”

Russell Louder – Tour Dates:

November 16th – M for Montreal – Casa del Popolo (Lisbon Lux Records showcase) + Radiant Baby + Game Genie Sokolov – Tickets

November 17th – M for Montreal – L’escogriffe (Music PEI Showcase)

November 21st – Saint John, NB – Saint John Tool Library & DIY Centre – Tickets

November 22th – Halifax, NS – The Modulating Mansion

November 24th – Toronto, ON – Handlebar – Tickets

November 25th – Hamilton, ON – Secret Location

November 30th – Montreal, QC – Brasserie Beaubien