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Video Premiere : “Heart on Fire” by Morrison

From The Artist :

Heart on Fire’ is a song about an experience that starts as heartbreak and loss and turns into power and redefinition. It’s a powerful track that has the emotions of a crazy breakup, but throughout the song, a new confidence is found, giving freedom to move on. I really wanted to portray this in the video by showing both the dark and light sides of myself. You have the fire and dark mood vs. the beautiful green landscape. In the bridge section of the song, you hear two sets of lyrics overlapping. One side reflects the heartbreak and pain and the other, freedom and rebirth. At the very end of the video, you see me smile and lift my arms to the sky in celebration of a new life. 

We’ve all had heartbreak and pain at some point in our lives. I had really never written a song about this and the lyrics just kind of came to me one day when I was sitting at my piano. I’ve always wanted to incorporate my fire with my music so this song was the perfect opportunity. I’m a very visual person, so when I write a song, a music video idea usually pops into my head instantly. I came up with the concept for the video pretty quickly. When the song was finished I contacted a local company, Art Single, and we got started on it right away. It was two long days of shooting. The first day was inside their studio and the second day we shot at the Miller Estate in Miami. My dear friend’s parents own the property we filmed on and graciously let me use it for the day. My husband made the fire props you see in the video. He is very talented! He was there the whole second day making sure everything went smooth. It was a very small crew so everyone’s role was crucial.


Morrison’s music career began at a very young age while growing up in Massachusetts. In high school, she ranked at the top of the All-State competitions and later pursued a music degree in opera from University of MA Amherst. She later realized her talent in musical theatre, moved to New York City to audition for Broadway musicals. Eventually, she began singing in rock/punk bands throughout the City where she found “her calling.” She moved to Miami in 2009 where she formed her first official band, Dorothy’s Surrender, for which she wrote all the songs influenced by her biggest inspirations: Hole, Garbage, Nine Inch Nails and Audioslave. Her second band, Revlover, formed in 2016, and had more of a folk, inspirational rock sound.

Today, Morrison strikes out on her own and releases her new video for her single, “Heart on Fire.” This song is the first release from her debut solo EP, Appetite for Freedom, set to release in Spring 2019.

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