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While we’re currently experiencing winter weathers here in Canada, and enjoying the off-season. It’s the perfect time to start picking out our swag and style for the 2019 race season. 

As triathletes, we know of ROKA as the go-to shop for our wetsuits and tri-kits. But they’ve just released a new collection of eyewear. I got my hands on the incredibly stylish TORINO shades. 

The name is inspired from the iconic Italian alps. These oversized frames are packed with amazing technologies. They are ultralight weight under an ounce, sweat resistant, fingerprint resistant, very durable, and even ballistic tested!

The TORINOs have ROKA’s high quality build and GEKO fit, which I personally loved from their SL-1 shades, which I previously reviewed. This means they will essentially fit anyones face. I have a low-bridge nose, which usually requires an “Asian fit”, but with the GEKO nose piece, the TORINOs fit perfectly. As stated on their website “No matter how sweaty you get, and which way you move, bounce, or shake — you’ll never have to worry about slippery frames falling off your face.” And it’s the truth. 

The TORINOs include ROKA’s crisp C3 Lens and advanced coating. I went with the Dark arctic mirror. This is their all around neutral lens which primarily protects me from UV and intense light on the race course. 

It’s bold, race-inspired, and a fantastic gift for that aspiring athlete in your life. 

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