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3 Apps That Will Enhance Your Year In Pop Culture

Can you believe it’s 2019 already? Well, you had better start, as January’s already over! It seems like a ton has already happened this year in pop culture. From Ted Bundy documentaries to AirPod memes, there is a lot going on in the world.

The apps you have on your phone should be making your pop culture habit easier, not harder. To help you keep up with what’s going on in the world of art, music, and more, make sure you have these 3 apps on your phone.

1. bandsintown

I feel like my entire teenage life was spent wishing I could go to all the concerts happening around me. But my parents were strict and wouldn’t let me go to many of them, so I particularly looked forward to growing up and making my own money.

However, while it seems like I knew about every single tiny gig when I was 15, nowadays I miss concerts regularly, only realizing days or months later that they have already happened.

Enter bandsintown. This handy app lets you set your location, finds out from your Facebook, Apple Music, Spotify, or other accounts which artists you like, and tells you when concerts near you are happening. You can set distance, filter by what’s most relevant, or take a look at everything that’s going on, whether or not artists you know are playing.

bandsintown will make sure you don’t miss the big events.

2. ExpressVPN (or other VPNs)

There is a lot to say about VPNs and why they are necessary for your security. But it has all been said before, and if you haven’t acted on it by now, there’s not much I can say to convince you.

On the other hand, VPNs let you access Netflix catalogues from around the world, and the site tells you exactly where to look.

The problem many people have is that VPNs cost money. A subscription is around $10 a month. Is there a free VPN? The answer is yes, but… you will be sacrificing on security and probably won’t get much bandwidth to use. Take a look at the options in the link, and see if you’re better off with a free VPN.

3. Momus Meme Studio

Memes are as much a part of pop culture today as the Oscars are. Hell, memes about the Oscars get more attention than the event itself!

George Resch, aka Tank Sinatra, aka one of the OG meme gods, has created an app to make memeing easier. Momus comes with all the features that make putting the right caption on a photo a breeze. You can then share your meme with Twitter and Instagram, and wait for the world to see your genius.

Momus is very easy to use. Some meme “packs” are available for free. Others are affordable, so if you don’t have your own pictures to meme, you’ll still find your way with a classic (or a future classic).

Nathan Goufas

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