From The Artist : “This video is a perfect visualisation of the phantasmagorical song House on a Rocky Road, which reveals unconditional love hiding in the darkest of places. Next to us there is a whole Universe full of quirky paths and peculiar creatures that are magnificent but misunderstood.”

Maya Lavelle is a storyteller, a composer, and songwriter that can enchant anyone with her hypnotically poetic music. Her new single “House on a Rocky Road” is no different and is accompanied by a fairytale music video combining beautiful visuals with her haunting vocals. The new single comes from her upcoming full-length album Hobo, slated for release in early June. The 11-track album was written and produced by Lavelle who gained inspiration from her various explorations around the world. An overall process that took 5 years to conceptualize, the album follows the journey of quirky places and edgy characters who are found scattered throughout the tracks, with lyrics conveying various themes.

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