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Song Premiere : “Cmon Cuz” by D.O

From The Artist : “Cmon Cuz was the first song that I recorded for my album and it really set the tone for how the project came together.  My career started from performing at open mics with live bands.  At the time, battle rap was really popular, but that wasn’t my style – I loved freestyling over jazzy, funky beats.  When I first heard this beat from Tantu, it reminded me of those days but at the same time it had a current style which allowed me to show my growth as an MC.  Shooting the video was a blast.  I was in London, England for less than 48 hours and just one full day.  I connected with PacmanTV and suggested that we should shoot it in my favorite area of London – Brick Lane.  There is so much culture in that area that I knew that the street and the surroundings would become another character in the video – and it did.  I’m really excited to premiere the song with Live In Limbo… Ah yeah!”

Doubling as a successful record label executive and a socially active community ambassador, D.O.sees no limitations when chasing his goals and is bound only by the hours in a day.

In between recording albums, Duanefounded the Stay Drivenprogram that launched in 2001. Stay Drivenis based on D.O.’s own life experiences where he addresses relevant topics such as anti-bullying, peer pressure, and literacy. Gibson has spoken and performed at over one thousand schools reaching hundreds of thousands of students. In 2012, he released the book Stay Driven.

In addition to his career as an artist, he is also the driving force behind Northern Power Summit – regarded in the urban community as one of the premier emerging conferences in Canada. Duane is currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album Second Home, to be released this Spring.

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