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10 Timeless Home Decorating Trends That Never Go Out of Style

If your home has to dazzle and shine, you would constantly be on the lookout for new decorating trends.

What if I told you that you don’t have to look so much for the new, and can instead, glean wowing designs from timeless home decorating trends? Timeless décor is akin to evergreen songs; they fit in and stand out at the same time!

Let us go on an exciting voyage into the world of timeless décor:

1.         Artwork

Artwork that reflects your personal values and speaks your heart is the very best! Go for an artwork which exudes a well-spring of emotions, rather than hopping on the trend of buying posters and pictures of things that would make you say next summer: “Put this out in the trash”. Why not purchase artwork that speaks to you each time you steal a glance at it?

2.         Superb Lighting.

Lighting is perhaps one of the easiest home decorations. Unfortunately, most homes do not possess proper lighting. This forces the homeowners to employ lamps or add-ons; disfiguring the home. It is germane to note that in a bid to find a proper lighting source, always choose the one which gives the house a good, even shade, and there are lots of timeless lighting décors to choose from.

3.         Bedroom Designs

In your desire to find appropriate timeless home decorations, your bedroom should not be left out. Designs which emphasize having your bed against the wall (aids space management), see-through windows and neat storage under your bed; are quite timeless. Couple that with an amazing mattress (besides, how good is Puffy Mattress?), and your bedroom is an entire spec!

4.         Designer Furniture

Reinvigorating your living room with designer furniture can give your home that unique look. With furniture built by age-long manufacturers such as Herman Muller or Health Ceramics, your furniture is sure to stand the test of time with its aesthetic integrity and superb designs.  Bear in mind a probable higher cost than the run-of-the-mill furniture available all over town, but wouldn’t you rather roll out a couple more dollars for state-of-the-art furniture that will last decades? Upping your budget would help you escape the buyer’s remorse; as quality furniture can be proudly handed down to the next generation (of course, as vintage!)

5.         Fireplace Decoration

If you reside in regions with long periods of biting cold, this decoration should top your list for its functionality. The irony is your fireplace doesn’t necessarily need a raging fire. Creating an illusion of a fire or mare inserting candles could do the trick of home decoration.

6.         Marbles Everywhere

This idea might have a little much more impact on your budget than any other decoration, but it is indeed worth it. An intricate placement of marbles on the floor, countertops, and tiles can create a visually appealing home space. Great investment, if you ask me.

7.         Built-in Shelving.

This is for the bookaholics! With a built-in shelf, you could afford to have an exquisite location for your books without needing much furniture. Even better; this hits your purse very softly, as it is pretty inexpensive.

8.         Black and white styling.

Also referred to a monochrome styling, the effect of the combination of black and white on our design mind can never be timeless. This can be incorporated into our painting, furniture, and even rugs.

9.         Accent chairs

This is a unique way of transforming your living room into an undeniable satisfactory and stylish one. Try it- I guarantee you would love it well.

10. Minimalism

Imagine having a small living room, but converting it into a spacious one with enough furniture. That is exactly what the act of minimalism gives you. Opt for it, it’s cool and what more; timeless!

Nathan Goufas

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