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Song Premiere : “Caught Up” by NOA

Photography by Zeebra Media // Graphic Design by Zanski

From The Artist : When I start to fall for someone, I often get very “Caught Up” in my head. Overthinking becomes second nature, and it always seems to take me out of the present moment when I’m with that person – I hate it.

My new single, “Caught Up,” is a personal anthem/reminder to stay in the moment and practice mindfulness. I want to focus on how amazingly beautiful, vulnerable, and scary all of the feelings that come with falling in love can be.

We all have days where we spend more time in our heads than here on earth. I’ve learnt that by getting “Caught Up” in my head, I end up missing out on so many good things.

I hope this song reminds you to live in the now and to embrace everything beautiful and new that’s happening around you!

NOA is one of pop/R&B’s best-kept secrets. The Toronto born artist has spent the last two years creating an incredibly addictive catalogue of songs that the world is just starting to get a taste of. Her music blends vibrant, catchy melodies with resonant emotional themes — from relationships to female empowerment and self-realization. All the while, NOA’s artistic voice maintains a fun, lighthearted velvety tone that helps lift her fans above the noise and negativity of everyday life.

Her new single “Caught Up” is a lighthearted, fun exploration of how it feels to fall in love. The bright R&B/pop track bounces effortlessly from hook to hook while highlighting NOA’s captivating vocals. Exquisite modern production envelopes the track in an end of summer sheen. There’s a sub-conscious “REPEAT” sign flashing in your head the moment the track ends. ‘Caught Up” pleads for multiple listens, and it’s hard to ignore that call.

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