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Massive Attack at Meridian Hall

It can create emotion. One single note can instantly recreate a moment in time, revive a memory and connect us to something for life. Music is powerful but when it visual art as well… It’s magical!

Massive Attack, the trip hop duo from England has crated just that. Touring their release” Mezzanine” in Celebration of it’s 20th anniversary. A remarkable release with a stunning, atmospheric visual display was truly unbelievable to experience. The 100 minute set consisted of their most celebrated release played in it’s entirety with special guest vocalists, Horace Andy and Elizabeth Fraser present in performance but also some amazing renditions of songs by Avicii, Ultravox and classics by Bauhaus, The Cure and The Velvet Underground, 


This night of music was an experience…

One like no other.

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Jerome is a photographer and writer at Live in Limbo.