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Almost a year ago, I reviewed the highly popular Wahoo ELEMNT BOLT. It’s been praised by cyclist and triathletes worldwide. While I, myself love it and used in on many races, the thought always crossed my mind. Could a bike computer get any better? Wahoo answered back with a big YES. 

Enter the ELEMNT ROAM. This new bike computer was inspired and designed for the adventurous rider. There are three main reasons why the ROAM is my new go-to bike computer. 

The most noticeable upgrade is the larger display that features colour, a first from WAHOO. It’s crisp and clear. It super rugged and durable with Gorilla Glass on top, yep, the same kind you’ll find on the latest iPhones! 

Some software features I personally love are the navigations. You can download regional maps and save them for offline use. “Back on Track” is a mode that automatically reroutes your trip to the start. “Take me Too” does exactly what it says, you input a destination on your phone and the ROAM generates the fastest route there. 

I have my 2020 race schedule pretty much confirmed. My “A-Race” for next season will be my first attempt at the full triathlon distance at IRONMAN Florida in Panama Beach City. You bet that the Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM will be on my TREK Speed Concept cockpit. 

So, if you have that cyclist in your life, or if you’re looking to treat yourself to something special this Christmas season, do your self a solid, and get the new Wahoo ELEMNT ROAM today. 

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