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Earthgang with Mick Jenkins at the Opera House

Sunday.. A day of reflection, religion and rest.. Or in my case, a Hip Hop show that’s been on my radar for quite a while.

Considering it’s the dead of winter and should be freezing out in Toronto, it was quite a perfect night for Earthgang, the duo from Atlanta, Georgia to bring the “Welcome To Mirrorland” tour through the big city.

Mick Jenkins, the smooth, free flowing MC from the windy city of Chicago, Illinois is on direct support. With an eclectic, dynamic night of music ahead, I’m beyond intrigued.

Rocking a flannel, Sweats, beanie and a crisp pair of Air Force One’s, Mick Jenkins hits the smoky stage, back lit lighting silhouettes his massive 6’5 frame as he dives into Jazz, the title track off his 2014 release to start off a 45+ minute set with ease. Mick was one of the smoothest MCs I’ve seen live. His super chill demeanor, slowly moving across the stage was met with his emotional, spitfire lyrics. I was beyond impressed and captivated by his performance throughout his whole set. A perfect way to start off my night.

Two multi panelled mirrors balance out the stage while the tour DJ spins tracks to maintain the energy level Mick set. Stage goes dark and out come the super duo known as EarthGang.

The hype and energy these two bring to the stage is off the charts!
Rocking circle frames, bandana, floral overalls and sparkled boots, Olu gets involved early calling on the crowd to match their stage energy and with no surprise, they stepped up! Hands high, bouncing and singing along, set the bar early for what would be constant throughout the 60+ minute set.

In my personal opinion, these two are the modern day Outkast and considering both are from Atlanta, it makes perfect sense. It’s great to see the unique, original style of the mid west continuing on with the fine gents of EarthGang.

It was beyond a superior night of Hip Hop and has personally started a new tradition to see both artists when they roll through the city in the future.

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