Best Sci-Fi Movies Of All Time

Sci-fi or science fiction is one of the most creative movie genres ever. This is because they work purely on imagination and creativity. In sci-fi movies we see amazing technologies, but because its sci-fi we know that most of them will never see the light of day.

Anyways, regardless of the fact, we will still look at some of the best sci-movies of all time.

Top Sci-Fi Movies

Ex Machina, 2014

Robots and human beings one of the most favorite sci-movie storylines.  And in Ex Machina we see just why this is so. Ex Machina received 7.7/ 10 from the IMDb rating, while Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 92% and Metacritic rat it 78%. Just by looking at those ratings this is one movie that you have to watch, if you haven’t watched it before that is.

Arrival, 2016

Arrival is another great sci-fi movie and this one is about aliens and their arrival on earth. hence the title of the movie. We are sure that we have some alien movies, but none as good as this one. We are sure that its characters might even be featured in one or two real money online casino games. 

Alien, 1979

Alien was released in 1979, this was back when the movie industry was still growing. However, despite that fact, the movie is still one of the best, beating thousands of movies that were after it with better technology. The sci-fi alien horror film will send chills down your spine. 

Blade Runner, 1982

Blade Runner is also one great classic sci-fi that is still quite amazing. The movie follows Rick Deckard who is an ex-policeman. He becomes a special agent with a very interesting mission. He has to look for and get rod of violent androids. As he does so, secrets of this past unfold. A very interesting movies, we must say so ourselves. Some best uk online casinos also offer Blade Runner online themed slots to keep players entertained.