The Perfect Playlist for that Travelling Escape while Quarantined

Globetrotting does not seem to be the best idea right now. Especially considering the fact that most travel destinations are currently on lockdown.

Once in a while, it will be good to have that escape from isolation. You can try out the different online casino travelling slots online games that will at least allow you to go to that destination you miss the most.

But, music can also be the perfect escape. Here are some songs that can help trigger those senses and create a perfect virtual escape.

International Love- Pitbull Featuring Chris Brown

This song got quite a lot of airplay upon its release. No one ever expected the Chris Brown and Pitbull to create quite an electrical duo.

The song talks about Pitbull’s experience with women from different parts in America. Hence, you can also play the song and imagine what it would be like if you where to be in the rapper’s shoes.

Cruise-Florida Georgia Liner ft Nelly

Have you ever imagines what if feels like to just roll your windows down and cruise in your convertible. This is actually part of the lyrics to this Florida Georgia Liner Song.

The lyrics of the song describe how the singers view their love interests. And to them, the girls just make them want to put their music on loud and drive. The song is even featured in some best casinos online slots. 

Even so, the name Florida Georgia Liner has quite a travelling vibe to it too. Nit forgetting, the country side vibe which will make you imagine you were dancing it out in Texas.

Shakira’s Whenever Wherever

This song was quite popular back in the early 2000s. No one could get enough of Shakira’s belly dancing moves. We know most women tried them out at some point that time.

The song talks about how a woman thinks she and her lover were meant to be together despite the place or time. The video also has really nice scenes which travelers would appreciate, from the mountains, to the deserts and even the seas.