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Song Premiere : “Bite” by Rozette

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From The Artist : I’m in a place in my life where I want to enjoy my body and feel empowered to connect in a meaningful and fabulous way. I wrote this song to celebrate lovin’ and help you feel sexy.

If a song could do a naked cartwheel in your kitchen wearing drag makeup, give you a big hug, compliment your juicy thighs, then send you out into the world with an aggressive hair flip, this one would.

Turn “BITE” up in your car on your way to a date. This was written for women in particular, to own their awesomeness and desire. I want you to take charge of, and create, the experiences you want to have — guilt-free and joyfully.

Say hello to Rozette, and sink your teeth, into BITE—the big, powerful, wild, fun, sexy, quirky and SO empowering it’s-basically-selfish spring anthem you didn’t know you needed.

Rozette has been sharing her big, powerful and technically masterful voice across North America for the past decade. With the power of Gaga, the attitude of Pink and the old-soul maturity of Adele, Rozette’s upcoming EP combines and unleashes her #sorrynotsorry, empowering, feminist spirit like none of her previous work.

BITE is about indulging in all those things you want, that for some ridiculous reason we’re still led to believe aren’t acceptable, or worse, “lady-like” to want. Things like: confidence, sex, spontaneity, being loud, being sassy, and behaving with an utter shamelessness throughout it all.

Rozette’s new single, “Bite,” is an empowering, quirky pop track highlighting her soulful vocals. The production straddles that line between retro and modern, but always in service of the song. “Bite” is an anthem with capital letters.

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