Wahoo Fitness Unleashes the new TICKR V2 Heart Rate Monitor

While the majority of the world is in lock-down due to Covid-19, the warm summer weather is soon approaching. My fellow runners, and triathletes are still training despite races being cancelled. For many, exercise keeps them sane. One of my favourite tools when training is a good chest heart rate monitor. Out of all the ones I’ve tested, the Wahoo TICKR is the best. But wait, they just updated it! How can it be any better? 

The smart folks at Wahoo Fitness, have created the TICKR V2. So what did they do? They significantly increased the battery life from 350 hours to an unprecedented 500 hours. Nothing is worse than your HR monitor doing dead in the middle of a hard session right? Another really great feature that I really love is that it now can connect to 3 devices simultaneously with ANT+ too. So I can broadcast  my heart rate to my Wahoo ELEMNT Bolt computer, Zwift, and even TrainerRoad all at the same time. 

Wahoo didn’t just update the internal features. The brand new TICKR V2 sports a super slick design. The HR pod it self is 10% thinner and snaps completely flush into the newly made strap itself. And finally, something that I’ve wanted for a long time, the LED indicators are located at the top of the unit instead of the front. This allows me to be able to see if it’s connected and working by just looking down. Also, the lights won’t shine straight through my clothing. 

The all-new TICKR V2 is available today May 7, 2020 and retails for $49.99 USD. 

Happy training! 

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