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Video Premiere: “Radium Girls” by The Nursery

Lauded as the Best Independent Alt-Rock/Pop Band In Canada (2018 Indie Awards), Toronto’s post-punk, synth-pop trio The Nursery is back. Earning an outstanding amount of praise for their debut full-length album — Life After Wartime (2017) — the band has spent a large part of the past two years building a studio in Toronto, allowing them to create a sound that is uniquely their own. The result is “Radium Girls,” the first track from the band’s sophomore LP, Candy + Gloom, due out later this year.

From the Artist:
“The story that inspired this song doesn’t feel historical to me. If anything it’s more relevant to what evil is lurking in the shadows today,” explained Pulec. “It was important to me that the song was uplifting and entertaining even though it highlights the horrific human tendencies we have. I realize those are two opposing feelings, but that juxtaposition is the signature in most of our music. We live in such emotionally intense times and it’s necessary to be much more personal and open about internal darkness. As long as someone feels the music and melodies, they can connect with any topic that they may not want to face in real life. Music has that transformative power.”
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