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Fun Casino Review to Play or Not

Casinos can be fun places, especially for those who win at them. Online casinos often offer slightly better RTP compare to Las Vegas Casinos.

Fun casino wants to change the perception of the casino itself. They claim they want people to be amused and not get addicted’. The other expression they have come up with is enjoyment at maximum and guilt at minimum’. These objectives will place this online casino on a different plane altogether, and we like what they are doing.

The Landing Page and Navigation

If you are a regular visitor to online casino sites, you would want to see a simple Home page with links to the inside pages. On Fun casino, there is not too much clutter, and the overall navigation experience through the webpages on the site is smooth. The site expects you to register or login as soon as you land.

You have two layers of menu items on top. The top layer has different games. This means you just click on the game you want to play and don’t bother about anything else. The set of menu options on the second layer are the generic topics associated with every website, the about us page, the terms and conditions and FAQ, and so on. You have a link to the Jackpot page as well. This page gives you the details of the jackpot games you can play on the casino.

The main landing page then displays the logos of the associates on the platform. The first ones are the payment channels like Visa, MasterCard, Skrill and Neteller, and the whole lot.

The next set of logos represents the software developers, including the popular ones like Microgaming and NetEnt and others. There’s a long list of developers of games on Fun casino.

The last set of logos indicate the certifying authorities and the awards the casino has won.

You can now move on to the games on offer at the online casino, assuming that you registered on the site.

Games Galore

The variety and quality of games on offer on any virtual casino will define its popularity and ranking among the players. From that perspective, Fun casino has enough and more on offer. You have the slot machines, the table games, live casino, and the jackpot games. Each of these games has variations to cater. There are 500+ games, with 10 jackpot games.

The Mega Moolah slot games that have created several jackpot winners this year are available too, and so are the games like Avalon and Starburst. Microgaming and NetEnt are two very famous gaming software developers, and their footprint can be seen all over. Their reputation for creating exciting and great quality games has made the games a players favorite.

If you enter the table games section, you can play all the regular casino games like poker, baccarat, and blackjack as long as you want.

Now, the entertainment anun parts of this casino that you have been waiting to hear about are tucked away in some innovative non-regular games. You can call them ‘other games’ since they may not directly fall into the regular categories. Some of their names include Max Damage, Hexaline, and Alien attack. These are video games, and many players should find them very attractive. 

Here you can see a comprehensive review of Fun Casino games.

Live Casino

The live games where you have a dealer present in the virtual gaming scenario is the most preferred trend these days. Fun casino has its fair share of live dealer games. Evolution Gaming is a dominant player in this genre, and the casino has games by Evolution on the live games section.

The live casino games give the opportunities to bet as you see, and this would give you a lot of confidence that it is a fair game.

You Can Play Most of the Games on Your Mobiles

Fun casino has ensured that you can login and play most of their games on your smartphones as well. The overall online casino trend is moving towards access through mobile devices rather than through laptop. There may be some players who cannot move away from the PC, but the use of mobiles for gaming is increasing by the day. The Fun online casino has adopted this and is a welcome step.

How Do the Bonuses on Fun Casino Operate?

If it is an online casino, then the bonuses immediately come into play. This is one distinct area the competing casinos use to try to get new players into gambling on their respective sites. Fun casino has its bonuses in place. For the Candian and UK players, for example, the casino offers a 100% match up bonus with a cap of $£123. Besides, there is a 10% cashback. The bonuses are invariably accompanied by certain conditions for the player to enjoy the bonuses. Here, there are two conditions. One is that there has to be a 50X wagering and the other condition is that it has to be completed within 30 days to be eligible for the bonus. You have to place a minimum deposit of $£10. The cashback is applicable irrespective of the other conditions being met.

You should also note that your bets on the table games and in the live casino do not count for the calculation of wagering. The slots, however, are included, and 100% of the amount you bet on the slot games will count as wagering.

The Free Spins on Registration as Welcome Bonus

While the regular bonus described above becomes applicable only when you make a deposit, you can just register and avail a welcome bonus on Fun casino of 11 spins. If you manage to win on these free spins, you can claim the winnings subject to a maximum of $£100. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 320.

You must, however, study the terms and conditions governing the bonus and how it is applied. Many players fail to read the fine lines and later protest.

Apart from these bonuses, Fun casino conducts tournaments where the prizes for winning players are quite attractive. A first-place winner can pocket as much as $£10,000 in one of these tournaments.

The Payments Scenario

Fun casino has included multiple options to help you transfer money to them. The regular credit cards like Visa and MasterCard are obviously available routes. You can use the e-wallets like Skrill or Neteller or simply transfer directly from your bank account. There are formalities to be completed before you can make the transfer of funds.

The withdrawal of funds from any online casino can pose difficulties. The underlying reason is that some unscrupulous elements for money laundering employ the casinos and the casino is held accountable if the authorities detect any such transactions. The casinos, therefore, expect you to show them some kind of a clear identification before they make the transfer.

Fun casino claims that they respond to withdrawal requests within 24 hours and delays in the amounts getting credited to your accounts are not from their end. There are minimum and maximum limits for withdrawal. The minimum is $£20, and the maximum is $£5,000 per day.

Drawbacks: The Not-so-favorable Aspects of Fun Casino

A dispassionate review cannot be complete without pointing out some negative aspects as well.

To start with, you may come out of the casino with the feeling that some of the games could have been structured better. The roulette games, for example, are not very impressive. If you consider the slot machine games, the main ones like Mega Moolah are chased by the jackpot seekers.

Regarding the payments, there are sporadic complaints that customers have not received proper responses from Fun casino about the delays in transferring their winnings and other withdrawals. Some cases may be due to genuine reasons, as explained earlier. However, the casino may have to look into this.

There is also this frequent complaint that customer support is not very cooperative. The casino does provide a telephone number to contact for any clarifications. However, that telephone number is a Malta number, and you will have to spend on an international call to get through. Email may be the only other option to correspond.

Lastly, the terms and conditions on the casino site say that players from a large number of countries are not allowed to register on their platform. This may be in compliance with the gambling laws in the respective countries, but it does exclude a large part of the world.

You have to be legally 18 years of age and above to play any game on these online casino platforms.

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