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Song Premiere : “Good Water” by Leahy

From The Artist : Our new song was inspired by a desire to communicate what unites us as human beings. Whether we identify as citizens of our global world, our country, city, neighbourhood or family – we exist now, together. This is our generation, our time.

We have more in common as fellow human beings than the differences which divide us. We all desire to be loved, to belong somewhere, to be happy, to make good on today and hope there is a tomorrow, longing for what is good and true; we’re all thirsting for good water.

The song is a universal call to our unity, the sacred bond we share with each other, persons living on the earth right now.

“Good Water” is a ‘big’ song, lyrically, musically, and technically. We wanted to pull that great sound out of ourselves as we are an intense group of people when we get together. The sound of this track captures those feelings, that strength and that bond.

Canadian band Leahy’s forthcoming new album, Good Water, brings the five women members of the group – Leahy sisters Julie, Erin, Maria, Siobheann, and Denise – freshly to the fore, in singing and especially songwriting, along with brother Frank on drums.

Title track and first single, “Good Water,” is inspired by the idea of our shared common bond, what unites us as human beings, as persons living in the world – right now. Presently our planet is rife with division where, in reality, we have more in common as fellow human beings than the differences that “divide” us; we all desire to be loved, to belong somewhere, to be happy, to make good on today and hope there is a tomorrow; we’re all thirsting for good water.

Throughout their life as a band, Leahy has deservedly secured a place as one of Canada’s most highly regarded musical groups. Their emergence on the Canadian music scene in the late 1990sintroduced audiences to the original Leahy sound–a foundation of strong stride piano, driving rhythm guitar, distinctive bass lines, and propulsive drumming, from which the band’s extraordinarily brilliant fiddlers, passionate vocals, and exquisite harmonies were launched to mainstream music listeners. Their reputation as excellent musicians, multi-instrumentalists, singers, and songwriters was(and continues to be) exponentially enhanced by Leahy’s stunning, high-energy live performances. It’s hard to imagine that anybody who’s seen Leahy play live would ever forget it. Their compelling live show remains fully intact with their captivating new sound and is still the wind in the sails of their career voyage to a worldwide audience

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