5 Actors Who Are Shorter Than You Thought They Would Be

It should be no surprise to learn that not everything you see on the silver screen is as it is in real life. Actors that look handsome and beautiful in a movie, usually look fairly average when you see them in person. 

In fact, many times, you’ll be shocked by how ordinary they look and would rarely stand out in a crowd. Case in point is the height of many actors. In the movies, it is easy to hide how tall somebody is by having them stand on an incline when next to a taller actor or even wear shoe lifts for men to make them seem taller. 

In this article, we will go over some of the actors that are much shorter than you would expect. 

1 – Daniel Radcliffe

Maybe many of you won’t be surprised that the actor who portrayed Harry Potter is actually quite short. After all, he was a child in those movies. However, those films were made long ago and he has moved on to act in many more movies as an adult.

The 5’5” actor doesn’t seem to have any trouble landing roles these days regardless of his height. 

2 – Tom Cruise

Action movie stars often appear larger than life. They have to have almost inhuman amounts of strength and people often think they can do anything. Which is why it comes as a surprise when somebody like Tom Cruise is seen in person. He is a fairly short actor coming in at 5’5” tall. 

When you see him in movies like Mission Impossible, he seems to be of an above average height. Somehow the stunts make him seem much larger than you would normally expect. 

3 – Sean Penn

Playing a tough guy in many movies may have led you to believe that Sean Penn is actually quite tall and intimidating. The truth is that Sean Penn is at 5’8” tall. Which is not exactly short as many men are around and average of 5’9” tall. 

It’s really just the roles he plays are somewhat outsized for his actual stature in real life. Since many of the actors in this list are inches shorter than him, maybe he should star in movies alongside them!

4 – David Faustino

You may not have heard much of this actor since his days starring in Married With Children, but he has been busy trying to launch his second act as a rapper called Lil Gweed. Which makes sense since the actor is a slight 5’3” tall. 

Is his shortness responsible for his low profile over the last few years? It could be but it could also be a result of typecasting since he had a role on a niche sitcom that didn’t exactly give him the boost to his acting career he likely felt he deserved.

5 – Kevin Hart

You probably aren’t going to be surprised that Kevin Hart is short as it is a running gag with his friends The Rock and Shaq. What may come as a surprise is that he is 5’5” inches which may be taller than you had assumed just because of the jokes.

Of course, anybody would look miniscule standing next to the likes of Shaq. But, in his films he doesn’t appear to be terribly short due to how the films are shot. As usual, when a guy is as confident as Kevin Hart is, it doesn’t matter how tall or short they are. 

The moral of the story

These actors are out there living their best life and have achieved more than most people could ever imagine. The fact that they are not tall in stature has done nothing to hurt them in life. If anything it gave them the drive to prove themselves and helped them overcome many of the challenges that aspiring actors face.

The point is that if you are feeling bad about your height, you should never allow it to affect your life in a negative way. Even Danny Devito was able to have a lot of success on TV and film and he is only 5’ tall. He wasn’t included on this list because everybody knows that Danny Devito is very short. But, he never let it hold him back.

Pick a goal in life and then go after it without letting your physical aspect take it away from you. It doesn’t matter how tall you are. Only you can let it affect your life in a way that has you chasing your dream to no effect.