Memorable Casino Movies Through The Years

From Ocean’s Eleven to The Hangover, over the years there have been some fantastic movie scenes set in casinos gracing the big screen. Many films have combined leading actors, tense card table scenes, and iconic quotes to great effect. Whether it’s celebrating the winning hand or calling someone’s bluff, here are some of the most memorable casino movies to check out. 


The fact that the movie 21 is based on a true story is something that makes it amazing to watch. In the film we see a professor at MIT putting together a blackjack team composed of six of his brightest students, who together learn card counting to great effect in order to run heists at casinos. For anyone who enjoys playing live casino games whether online or in person, the high stakes involved in the activities of the team will certainly resonate and make this a thrilling watch.

Casino Royale

Perhaps one of the most experienced on-screen characters when it comes to knowing their way around a casino is James Bond, aka 007. In Casino Royale, Daniel Craig takes on the role of Bond and takes part in a high-stakes Texas Hold’Em tournament against his enemy Le Chiffre. There are some tense moments at the card table as the pair try and outsmart one another. Win or lose, this high-stakes casino tournament is intense for many reasons.

Rain Main

For movie fans, one of the must-watch classic films is Rain Man. Released in 1998, Rain Man is a comedy-drama starring Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffman as brothers. Charlie (Cruise) is selfish and kidnaps his autistic brother in an attempt to manipulate him into giving up his inheritance left from their late father. Charlie hatches a plan later in the film to go to Las Vegas and win money at blackjack. Here, he manipulates his brother (Hoffman) into counting cards at the casino. While casino bosses were skeptical about his card counting abilities, they asked them to leave with their winnings.


Over the years some of the greatest Robert De Niro films have included Cape Fear, The Godfather Part II, Taxi Driver, and many more. In 1995, De Niro teamed up with director Martin Scorsese again for Casino. With stylish suits and glorious panoramic shots, the film stars other Hollywood greats including Sharon Stone and Joe Pesci. One doesn’t have to be a gambling genius to determine that this particular film features more than a single outing at the dealer tables. The ‘Eye in the Sky’ scene has come to be referred to as among the most interesting sequences for any gambling-related film. In this scene, Robert De Niro provides a narration that’s meant to show the audience the chain of command at your traditional casino.

The Cincinnati Kid

For film fans who like to watch old classics, The Cincinnati Kid is one to add to your watch list. Released in 1965, renowned actor Steve McQueen takes on the role of Eric Stoner, also known as ‘The Kid.’ He’s a poker player seeking to build his reputation by beating the best card player around. He faces Lancey ‘The Man’ in one of the most memorable poker scenes to hit the film industry in the 1960s. Stoner gets warned by his friends about how ‘The Man’ has ruined local reputations, but chooses to ignore the advice. ‘The Kid’ challenges the best card player in the country and, as anything can happen in a poker game scene, there’s high tension and unexpected twists.