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Video Premiere : “What’s the Logic” by Meg Webb

Meg Webb is back at it again with her charming, colorful new video and single ” What’s the Logic.” It’s been a while since we heard from the buzzworthy songstress, and this year she is kicking things off in full swing. “What’s the Logic,” paints a dreamy landscape with Webb providing the soundtrack. The multi-instrumentalist-singer-songwriter

The track was co-produced by the legendary Jason Falkner (Beck, Jellyfish), in which he also lent a hand on drums, bass and additional synths. The video was directed and shot by Jessica Calleiro and filmed by Calleiro and Matt Boman.

Meg grew up as a classically trained multi-instrumentalist learning violin, piano, harp, cello, synths, bass, flute, tenor guitar and a recently added marimba. Growing up as a competitive dancer (you can see some of her smooth moves in the video), as well as a softball, basketball and soccer player. Raised in Woods Cross, Utah, until 2009, when she was 16, she completed her GED and fled to Arizona (pretending to be a foreign exchange student from Czechia so she could hang out with her cousin at her school) to escape Mormonism and play shows with her bandmate who lived there.

Webb moved to Laguna Beach in 2011 after hitchhiking through, deeming it her personal paradise. There she was a street performer for 4 years, and in Los Angeles,before landing her first commercial. Then she started learning about analog sound engineering in San Francisco. Now back in LA, Meg Webb is in full force with her gorgeous and dreamy blend of indie goodness.

Webb’s vibrant voice channels elements of twee rock mixed with electro pop elements that really bring the song to life. Her unique and stunning vocals help to set the tone, and brings one of our favorite new songs to the spotlight, as it feels like a whole new experience every time we press play.

From The Artist : “The inspiration was an anti-inspiration-where all hope and trust flew out a window and I was starting from scratch with everything~ ideas about people, the internal and external workings. A question to and about them and myself.”

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