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Video Premiere : “Ants In The Antennas” by PhotoSynthesizers

From The Artist : “Ants In The Antennas” is the first release from a series of music singles and video episodes from PhotoSynthesizers’ latest project, The World’s Fair. The song was written in the summer of 2020 and is inspired by the power of collective consciousness working together to overcome the pandemics our society faces; COVID and systemic racial injustices against black and brown people. It is tilted “Ants In The Antennas,” because it relates this collected consciousness to the power of ants colonies that are often seen small; however, the strongest and is transmitted to those on similar frequencies through silent signals like ants’ antennae or radio antennas. The song also explores our musical journey as PhotoSynthesizers returning to our origin of song-writing as a duo.

The video concept developed from a larger series of stories from the overall project, The Worlds Fair. The video is a story of those revered; however, not always remembered and surrounds two characters’ journey through life living off the grid backed by a past of undesirable circumstances. Often forgotten and unnoticed by society, the two characters face their own individual challenges and traumas with the outside world and have to rely on each other to move forward. However, their relationship is rich with complexities, but collectively, it’s possible they can have their humanity heard.

The Richmond, VA hip-hop-rock fusion duo, PhotoSynthesizers, is back with “Ants In the Antennas,” their first episode of World’s Fair––a video series scaling up to the eventual release of a project with the same name. The duo, comprised of rapper and lyricist Maurice “Barzencode” Osion and producer Josh Bryant, is known for their incorporation of guitars and synthesizers into otherwise traditional hip-hop. Such a style allows them to skirt the line between hip-hop and rock, effectively creating fresh space and a sound that is distinctly unique.

The rhyme-rock hybrid was formed when the two met through a local publication in the group’s hometown. Though Barz and Bryant are instrumental to the synthesizers’ sound, the duo in the past have accompanied themselves with a family of musicians for their live shows. Barz multilayered rhyme schemes with Bryant’s hard-hitting production of 808’s, guitars, and synthesizers are a double helix of Hip-Hop and Rock swinging perfect timing to jumping into other musical genres that have formed their signature sound.

It has been less than a year since PhotoSynthesizers put out their 2020 LP Apollogy. “Ants In the Antennas” already shows a sonic improvement. Osion’s bars, although cutting, are delivered smoothly atop a minimalist and enticing beat. Soft keyboard undertones provide juxtaposition with the camping scene full of drinking and reverse film cigar smoking. The video represents the group’s musical journey of being often revered but not remembered, as portrayed by Bryant’s camouflage get-up and lurking nature. This is the first of three videos in PhotoSynthesizers’ World’s Fair video series, set to release later in 2020.

“Ants In The Antennas,” a story about the groups’ musical journey about the smallest being the strongest, often revered but not remembered. The entire project, The World’s Fair, was conceptualized during the midst of COVID when the group was no longer able to produce and rehearse music in person and rely on file-sharing. This is the first of three videos in PhotoSynthesizers’ World’s Fair video series, set to release later in 2020….and our eyes and ears are eager.

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