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Song Premiere :“Mass Manipulation” by Wolfe Hybrid

Wolfe Hybrid is back at it again in the New Year with their infectious new single “Mass Manipulation.” The song is edgy; it’s got lots of attitude; and it’s got political overtones that make it quite timely given recent events as depicted in the media. No matter what side of the political spectrum you’re on, “Mass Manipulation” is powerfully relevant for our times.

Wolfe Hybrid starts this song off boldly and strong, immediately enticing the listeners. This song is captivating and inspiring. It makes you realize that the world is bigger than what surrounds you, the world is bigger than YOUR world. It’s raw, it’s relatable, and it’s real. There are very few artists who have the drive AND the talent, but Wolfe Hybrid has both and so much more. Their latest release is arguably our new favorite, because of the message, the echoing guitar melody, and of course, the message.

Wolfe Hybrid is the musical collaboration of songwriter/producers Jeff Wolfe (vocals) & James P. Noon (acoustic/electric guitars). Both are seasoned entertainment (Film/TV) industry veterans at the top of their respective fields. Wolfe Hybrid was formed in Los Angeles in 2019. Wolfe Hybrid plans to release a full-length LP of original songs in Spring 2021. James P. Noon is an accomplished VFX Producer known for his work at Yannix where he has worked on more than 300 Feature Film/TV projects. Jeff Wolfe is an award-winning filmmaker (and multi-hyphenate) who took home the 2014 Emmy Award for “Outstanding Stunt Coordination for a Drama Series, Miniseries or Movie” for his exemplary work on NBC’s Revolution.

For anyone trying to make a change in 2021, Wolfe Hybrid’s “Mass Manipulation” may be the perfect anthem to soundtrack the new year. Wolfe Hybrid plans to release a full-length LP of original songs in Spring 2021, so be on the lookout!

From The Artist :
Our new single, “Mass Manipulation” is an idea that had been percolating on a back burner for a few years. As we started plotting Wolfe Hybrid’s course, we initially neglected “Mass Manipulation” as we had prioritized other material, but over the course of 2020, the song commanded our attention. It demanded to be heard.

The main guitar riff is an homage to Devo, although in Wolfe Hybrid’s hands the riff is a bit heavier than how Devo might have approached it.

Lyrically, we asked ourselves: What would it sound like if a typical politician were campaigning while under the influence of a truth serum…?

This imagined “honesty” is best exemplified in the song’s second verse:

No need to thank me for the things I’m doing for you.
Just keep accepting all the things I’m doing to you.
It’s just my job to twist and turn you like a corkscrew.”

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