The Best Software To Create Websites In 2021

For most people, the thought of designing a website or doing anything web development related is daunting and scary, especially if you are new to the online website creation world. If you are looking for the best web design/ development software, you probably feel a bit confused about where to begin.

Well, we are here to help. Whether you want to build a sports website like SBR or an eCommerce website, this article will help you with a list of the best tools you can use to create a website on your own.

  • WebFlow

Pricing: Free to $35 per month

An incredibly easy to use and responsive web design tool, WebFlow has an intuitive interface that is ideal for designers, creative professionals, entrepreneurs, and web development novices to build websites that looks good across all devices.

Apart from acting as a web design tool, WebFlow is also a CMS and a web hosting platform. Meaning, you get to do everything under a single roof instead of having to move your design/ website to another hosting provider once you are finished.

The greatest advantage of using WebFlow is that it’s user-friendly to those who don’t have a clue about coding. With this excellent website design tool, you can create and update your site without having to type in even a single line of code.

  • Sketch

Pricing: One-time fee of $99

It is safe to say that Sketch is perhaps one of the best website designing software solutions available on the market. Ever since the platform launched in 2009, the team has been making constant improvements to make Sketch one of the must-have tools in your arsenal of web development weapons. And all that hard work did pay off—the platform now has a massive following among the web development community.

When it comes to features, Sketch has a lot to offer for novice web developers. It has an incorporated CSS logic function that enables you to easily convert your designs into CSS and an Automatic Slicing tool that takes out the need of manually slicing your designs.

Another highlight of Sketch is the ability it gives you to preview your website on any mobile device. This is amazing considering the importance of having a mobile-friendly website.

It is pretty easy to create assets in Sketch with one-click exports to different formats and sizes. You can edit elements the same way you would in a vector program like Adobe Illustrator. The entire platform is also very intuitive, like Photoshop, but a lot easier to understand and use.

To put it short, Sketch is a beast of a tool for creating websites, one that would help designers of all skill levels. Though there are no real downsides, one that we found a bit problematic is its lack of compatibility with PCs.


  • Adobe Dreamweaver

Pricing: You can buy it as part of the whole Adobe Creative Cloud Package at $49.99 per month or individually at $19.99 per month.

Dreamweaver is the king of all web design tools and website building software solutions. Looking back, this fantastic tool has been around forever and has evolved to be a very powerful tool within the web design and development industry.

The platform is quite slick, user-friendly, and intuitive and allows you to design and build a website from start to finish. It even has a code editor and live views that give both beginners and professionals an ideal environment to work on their websites with ease.

You can use Dreamweaver to edit single web pages too. The tool can easily be connected to serves, the files can be downloaded to your local drive, and after amending the content, it can be uploaded back to the server.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a phenomenal software solution for beginners, intermediates, and pros alike to efficiently design, edit, and build websites from scratch.

  • Gimp

Pricing: Free

If you are looking for a free tool like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp might be the alternative you need. Free to use, Gimp is an open-source image editor and is available on GNU/Linux, Windows, and OS X operating systems.

On the flip side, Gimp fails to offer many of the important features Adobe Photoshop has. However, if you can sacrifice those features, you will find that there’s enough to get on with your design projects or creating graphics for your new website.


The Best Web Design Websites

If you hate staring at a blank screen for an awfully long time, these website designing and development software solutions can help you out. On the other hand, if you lack inspiration, consider heading to sites like Site Inspire, Dribble, or One Page Love. With many website designs that spark inspiration, these sites will give you a constant stream of ideas to call upon and make designing and developing a website a cakewalk.