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Song Premiere : “Fool For Love” – Rosewood Avenue

Rosewood Avenue have just unveiled their new single “Fool For Love,” out via all digital platforms today. The husband-wife duo who are currently rooted deep in the true north of Ontario, take their small town dream to a whole new level. Growing up locally to the hometown of the legendary Shania Twain, this helped Rosewood Avenue craft their signature sound. “Fool For Love,” drew inspiration from Twain’s heartfelt ballads and intricate harmonies; which they have been inspired to incorporate in their own music as well. The track is filled with melodic twists and turns and intense lyricism that will have you listening deeply.

In 2019 the duo joined the esteemed team at Willow Sound Records working with Tara Shannon and Debbie Zavitson. With the change to live music due to the pandemic, the duo began livestreaming on their Facebook page, eventually racking up over an impressive 300,000 views after performing over 20 livestreams. 2020 saw the group further their career and vision even more so as they began recording with Grammy nominated and CMA award winning Nashville producer, Garth Fundis, who has worked with the likes of Trisha Yearwood and Sugarland to name a few. This was a match made in heaven. The combination of their forces have rung in a new era for Rosewood Avenue as they are kicking off 2021 stronger than ever. “Fool For Love,” is one of the first tastes from the collaboration which pays homage to their love for traditional and contemporary Country music. With no sign of slowing down, Rosewood Avenue is about to become your musical obsession for 2021.

From The Artist : “Our producer for “Fool For Love” is none other than Grammy Nominated and Multiple Award Winning producer Garth Fundis (Trisha Yearwood, Keith Whitley, Sugarland, Don Williams). Our recording experience was like nothing we’ve ever experienced before. To work with and learn from one of the best in the business who produced artists that have influenced our sound was truly a blessing. It all started when a member of our team sent out a demo of “Fool For Love” to Garth hoping to get feedback. When we got the call that Garth wanted to work with us, we were beyond ecstatic and speechless. We truly felt like the stars were aligning for us when our first meeting with Garth who would later produce our love song “Fool For Love” was scheduled on our wedding anniversary. It didn’t take long for us to hit it off and get to work. Since this was done virtually, from one country to another, we spent the next couple of months sending tracks back and forth. We recorded vocals and acoustic guitar on our end and we had the honour of having Garth add in some of Nashville’s finest session musicians to complete the song. To top it all off, Garth brought in Multi-Grammy Award Winning engineer Chad Carlson (Taylor Swift, Mickey Guyton, Cole Swindell) to mix the song. What’s most amazing about the recording experience on “Fool For Love” is how it all unfolded. What started as an acoustic demo we knew we wanted to release ended up being an experience of a lifetime working with the true pros of Nashville. What a recording experience for our first single!

I would say our favourite part of the song is, “I’m aware of the loss, I have added up the cost, but I’m not afraid to bet it all this time”. We love this line so much and the overall story of the song not only because we personally connect to it, but it can be perceived in many different ways. What makes love so scary but powerful is that you have to allow yourself to be vulnerable to it. You may be scared to lose yourself to it, to get hurt or to get hurt again, or you might feel like you can’t give it what it deserves but in the end taking a chance and being a fool for it can be the most rewarding thing of all. For us, it takes us back to when we decided to start a relationship. At the time, we were best friends and deeply cared for each other. We were scared to ruin it and it was a gamble because it came to a point that we couldn’t just be friends anymore, but if it fails we’d be losing our best friend. We also feel like it’s relatable to different stages of relationships and how it can be just as scary as the start. Deep down, we feel that this song is us and it’s a true country ballad.”

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