Giro Helios MIPS Helmet Review

There’s no doubt that when it comes to cycling safety, a helmet is a riders best friend (other than the bike of course). Giro has a rich history of producing some of the best helmets in the industry. 

Giro invented MIPS a few years ago. And while a big improvement, it was more of a retrofitted feature. However, they have just released a truly unique helmet in the form of the Helios. The next generation of MIPs in this helmet is almost like having two helmets sandwiched on each other, while still looking great, and staying aerodynamic. 

According to Giro, they state: “The heart of the Helios’s extraordinary design and performance is Spherical Technology, which utilizes a ball-and-socket design powered by MIPS®, the market-leading brain protection system that can help to reduce rotational forces. Spherical Technology allows the helmet’s outer liner to rotate around the inner liner during a crash, and also allows Progressive Layering of the inner and outer liners to provide more comprehensive protection and performance.“ 

Essentially, the ball-and-socket design moves the slip plane away from your head, while redirecting the impact force from your brain. While all of this sounds important, it sounds like it would be bulky looking, but it is surprisingly not. This helmet also has very good ventilation and fits very comfortably. 

One of my favourite helmets for races is the Giro Vanquish MIPS for its aerodynamics and style. After a few rides, I can say the Helios with its new MIPS design makes a significance in my performance and confidence on all of my training and group rides. I hope we can see this next generation of MIPS technology in race helmets and third party company helmets in the near future as well. 

While pricey, can we really put a price on the safety of your head? I personally think it’s worth saving my head. 

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